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Norwegian Elkhound Puppies For Sale In

East Liverpool


Elkhound Family Puppies can be delivered to you with personalized care and attention.

*We also welcome visits to our home*

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The Best Norwegian Elkhound Breeder In

East Liverpool



If you’re looking for the best Norwegian Elkhound puppies available then Elkhound Family Puppies has what you’re looking for.  All of our amazing Elkhounds come from Genetic and OFA-tested parents. Click Here to learn more about our highest-quality Norwegian Elkhound adult parent dogs.   

We specialize in breeding Norwegian Elkhound puppies and focus on quality and health as our priority. As a small family breeder in rural Ohio, our Elkhounds are well-socialized, used to being around children and other animals.  

The gorgeous Norwegian Elkhound dog breed, with its wolf-like face, delights in life. Smart as can be, they also have a wonderful sense of humor. Just make sure you can provide plenty of exercises to meet their high energy levels. Elkhounds do adapt well to apartment living and are good pets for novice owners. They do not tolerate being alone for long periods of time. Elkhounds have high marks for all-around friendliness. Norwegian Elkhounds are affectionate dogs who make devoted, wonderful family members. They're excellent with children and are terrific watchdogs, treating strangers with natural suspicion. They thrive on attention, and it's hard to find a more loyal companion. 

If you go to our nursery page and don’t see any available puppies or one that pulls on your heart, call us or drop us an email and ask when we might be having another litter.

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