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Health & Nutrition


Our  Elkhound puppies are constantly monitored and handled with lots of TLC. We love to pre-spoil each one of our puppies before they go to your home.  Even before the puppies are born we take high regard for each mother & puppy's health. We take all the appropriate steps to prevent any health issues that we can by giving the proper wormings, vaccinations, and supplementation recommended by our veterinarian. We care for them deeply and want to provide above and beyond for every comfort before, during, and after their pregnancy. A complete health record will be sent with each puppy so you can take it along to your veterinarian.

Each Puppy Will Come Home With The Following Items:

- A 5-pound bag of food

- Vaccination health records and health certificate

- AKC Registration

- One Year Health Guarantee

All our adult dogs are DNA tested. We feel this is important for the trust in quality breeding. It is our goal to be a responsible breeder and we respect and want to build on generations of healthy breeding practices. We use and trust Embark for our genetic testing.   

Register Your Pet's Microchip

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Founded in 1884, the AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health and training information for dogs. AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports.

Pet Health Insurance


PLEASE DO NOT OVER FEED YOUR DOG! Follow manufacturer directions. Overfeeding dogs is the greatest cause of cancer and joint problems in dogs. Keep them physically fit with top quality food in the correct quantity and plenty of exercise. Which is very important for the Australian Shepherd breed. Other than an occasional treat of scrambled eggs, some cheeses including cottage cheese we highly discourage human food given to dogs. Dog feed with corn, soy, or wheat products is also discouraged and not recommended. Cooked beef bones from your local butcher can be a healthy treat also. No chicken or turkey bones recommended!

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