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Sires & Dams

Grendal New-2.jpg
Bjornulf - Elkhound.jpg

Bjornulf Grendel

Sex: Male, DOB: 11/05/2019

Breed: Norwegian Elkhound


Bjornulf is our beautiful male. He is muscular & athletic fellow. He is a gentle and loving dog, who tends to be a little shy at first, but warms up to new people quickly. He sires healthy pups with a very nice variety of markings. Some things he loves: playing with the other dogs, running, and one on one time with our children.

Misty Rose - Elkhound5.jpg
Misty Rose - Elkhound4.jpg
Misty Rose - Elkhound6.jpg

Misty Rose

Sex: Female, DOB: 04/20/2015

Breed: Norwegian Elkhound  


Misty is the most loving of our dogs. She is a beautiful female. She is an excellent mother and has always had healthy pups with a wide variety of markings in every litter. She will never get enough one on one time and likes to think of herself as a friend to all. Misty also enjoys exploring the pasture fields and playing in the creek.

Chloe Elaine - Elkhound6.jpg
Chloe Elaine - Elkhound4.jpg

Chloe Elaine

Sex: Female, DOB: 07/06/16

Breed: Norwegian Elkhound 


Chloe is an adorable, feisty little lady, who has no problem holding her own with the other dogs. She is a beautiful girl. She is very shy, but those who take the time to get to know her and gain her trust, We find that she loves having her ears scratched just as much as any of the others. Chloe is also an excellent mother, who gently cares for and protects her roly-poly puppies.

Queen Anne - Elkhound5.jpg
Queen Anne - Elkhound4.jpg
Queen Anne - Elkhound6.jpg

Queen Anne

Sex: Female, DOB: 05/18/19

Breed: Norwegian Elkhound 


Queeny is a gorgeous girl. She is bursting with energy and loves to run, run, run as often as she gets a chance. She is a very social dog and plays well with the other dogs. She also enjoys soaking up all the attention she can get from us.

Kerrie Raine - Elkhound6.jpg
Kerrie Raine - Elkhound4.jpg
Kerrie Raine - Elkhound5.jpg

Kerrie Raine

Sex: Female, DOB: 05/18/19

Breed: Norwegian Elkhound 


Kerrie was born and raised with love and affection. Her dark beautiful coat brings much attention to our visitors & friends. She has a stout build and is as sweet as they come. With her pedigree, her offspring are sure to inherit a perfect size and temperament. She loves the outdoors and her pups make for wonderful companions who love adventure & being active. 

Tonya - Elkhound.jpg
Tonya - Elkhound-2.jpg

Tonya Grace

Sex: Female, DOB: 10/12/2020

Breed: Norwegian Elkhound 


Tonya was born and raised with us. Tonya is an exceptionally smart dog loved by everyone in the family. She is a family dog with all the love any dog could want. She is easygoing and mild-mannered. 

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