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I just wanted to pass along (Faolán) Hunter's a.k.a.Cash's is doing great and adjusting to his new surroundings quite easily.  Many thanks to you all.  He will also tell the bigger dogs who's boss, very fearless. 


Thanks again for a wonderful pup.


God's Blessings to you,


Bob G.

Denver, CO

Kirby #1.jpeg

My husband and I were looking for an elkhound to join our family from a breeder we felt comfortable with. We looked for about a year when we came across Elkhound Family Puppies. After messaging with them and seeing the videos of the puppies on their website we felt comfortable with the care of the puppies and the authenticity of the breeder. We drove down from Michigan and were pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful Amish community. When we pulled in the driveway, our puppy was in the yard playing with another dog and we instantly knew we had chosen the right place. All of the puppies looked healthy and very well cared for. Since getting our lil guy home he has been an absolute joy! He loves playing with our other dog who is a husky-Akita and we can already tell he is an intelligent dog. At his first vet appointment, they told he was “super” healthy and were impressed with how strong and sturdy he is. We could not have had a better experience than we had with Elkhound Family Puppies!

Rachel R.

West Branch, MI

Past Puppies

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